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Our audit representation services include:

  • A review of internal controls

  • Testing of selected transactions

  • Communication with third parties
  • A report on whether the financial statements are fairly stated and free of material misstatements

When it comes to Audits, we provide the highest level of assurance.

All public companies are required to have an annual audit, but some nonpublic entities must undergo an annual audit as well. These include local governments, not-for-profit agencies and other organizations receiving government grants.

Jones & Jones CPA Mission: To provide you with a report on whether the financial statements are fairly stated and free of material misstatements.

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I document and test each operating cycle, including sales and cash receipts, expenses and cash disbursements, and payroll. My audit papers include a detailed work program to document the examinations and testing performed, as well as the client's supporting work papers.

You get the highest level of assurance because I go outside your company to obtain more information.

I also perform physical inspections by observing your inventory counting methods and perform test counts.

An audit allows you to:

  • Satisfy stakeholders such as employees, customers, suppliers and pressure groups, as well as the investing community, as to the credibility of published information.
  • Facilitate the payment of corporate tax, goods and services tax, and other taxes on-time and accurately, thereby avoiding interest, penalties, and investigations.
  • Comply with banking covenants.
  • Help deter and detect material fraud and error.

The importance of hiring a qualified tax professional to perform your audit cannot be stressed enough.

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